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Maxime Matthys (born in 1995 in Brussels, Belgium) is a visual artist and photographer. He studied photography at the Toulouse school of photography and design in 2015 and photojournalism at EMI-CFD school in Paris in 2017. He is interested in including the viewer into a thinking process and allowing him to recreate his own story rather than displaying raw information, which now embodies his photographic approach. His work focuses on the way technologies are affecting our daily life and are shifting our perception of reality. While exploring new forms of narrative in photography, he keeps documenting the important issues that are shaping our future.
His previous project “Tinder Generation” has been multi-awarded, and screened notably at the European House of Photography in 2017 (Paris), Camando Design school (Paris), PhotoZoom festival in 2018 (Canada), Les photographiques festival (Le Mans), Insumatra festival in 2019 (Indonesia), and published in various press magazines and newspaper. It has also been published in Le Monde, Libération, Knack Magazine, Fisheye Magazine, L’Obs, Le vif/l’Express Magazine, La Croix, Moustique Magazine, Le Point, France inter, amongst others. 


- Solo Show at Kaunas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
- Solo Show at Théatre de la Ville, Paris
- Collective Show at ILHAM Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Collective Show at Bialystok Photo Festival, Poland
- Collective Show at Incadaquès Photo Festival, Spain

- Winner, Kaunas Photo Star Awards
- Winner, Prize for Young Photography, ImageSingulières, Sète.
- Artist residency at Theatre de la Ville, Paris.

- Screening at Suwon Photo Festival, Corea.
- Screening at Photo Marseille, Prix Maison Blanche, Marseille
- Screening at Insumatra FotoFestival, Indonesia.
- Screening at ImageSingulières, Sète.

- Publication Portfolio in Mediapart, France.
- Publication Portfolio in Le Monde newspaper, France.


- Finalist, Bird in Flight Prize. Innovative approach in photography, Russia.
- Short-Listed Residence 1+2, France.

- Publication on Libération website, France.
- Publication Portfolio Philosophie Magazine, France.

- Screening at Camando Design School of Paris, France.
- Screening at Les Nuits Photographique de Pierrevert, France
- Screening at Les Journalopes festival, France.
- Screening at Les Photographiques photofestival, Le Mans.


- Screening at Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP), Paris.
- Screening at Zoom photo Festival, Canada.
- Screening at EHESS School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris.
- Exhibition at Le petit Choiseul, Paris.

- Finalist of Bourse du Talent, Paris.
- Winner of Libération/APAJ Contest photography category, Paris.
- Special mention of the Jury Zoom photo festival, Canada.
- Special mention of the Jury of ARPIA, France.
- Special mention of the Jury of National association of iconography, Visa pour L'image, France.
- Selection by NOOR Agency for the Noor/Nikon workshop, Paris.

- Publication portfolio Fisheye Magazine, France.
- Publication on France Inter website.
- Publication portfolio Knack Magazine, Belgium.
- Publication portfolio Le vif/L'Express magazine, Belgium.
- Publication in Le Point Magazine, France.
- Publication in La Croix newspaper.


- Selection by the jury for the France Horizon photography residency

- Exhibition at Palais de la Porte Dorée, Paris.
- Exhibition at Le Connexion, Toulouse.
- Exhibition at ETPA photography school, Toulouse.
- Exhibition at Le Connexion, Toulouse.
- Exhibition at EHPAD La tour, Narbonne.
- Exhibition at CHRS Pessac, France.
- Exhibition at CHRS Toulouse, France.

- Publication portfolio Aparté web magazine
- Publication on Epic Stories magazine.

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