2091 : The ministry of Privacy is finalist of KAUNAS PHOTO festival open call and will be exhibited in Lithuania in September 2019. 


2091 : The ministry of Privacy won an Honourable Mention at Kuala Lumpur PhotoAwards and will be exhibited in Malaysia in September 2019.

I'm very honored to be invited by Amnesty International France at Les Abattoirs Museum to speak about my work 2091 : The ministry of Privacy during the World Refugee Day 2019.

2091 : The Ministry of Privacy won the 1st Prize at ImageSingulières 
My new project « 2091 : The Ministry of Privacy » just won the 1st prize of the young photography award at ImageSingulières photo festival yesterday ! The project is talking about the use of technology as a tool of repression by the Chinese government towards Uyghurs, Kazhaks and other ethnic minorities. 
Press release on Libération website and print, Polka Magazine, Etpa School.

Publication Portfolio of 2091 : The Ministry of Privacy in Mediapart

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