Maxime Matthys is a Belgian photographer based in Paris. He integrated the photography school of Toulouse and followed the photojournalist formation at the EMI-CFD school in Paris. He is mostly focusing on social issues around the world, especially the ones affecting human relationships.


– Screening at Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP), Paris.
– Winner of Libération/APAJ Contest photography category, Paris.
– Publication portfolio Knack Magazine, Belgium.
– Special mention of the Jury Zoom photo festival, Canada.
– Publication on POHL magazine, Paris.
– Selection by NOOR Agency for the Noor/Nikon workshop, Paris.
– Publication portfolio Fisheye Magazine, France.
– Special mention of the Jury of ARPIA, France.
– Finalist of Bourse du Talent, Paris.
– Publication portfolio Le vif/L’Express magazine, Belgium.
– Special mention of the Jury of National association of iconography, Visa pour L’image, France.
– Publication in Le Point Magazine, France.
– Screening at EHESS School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris.
– Publication portfolio Moustique magazine, Belgium.
– Exhibition at Le petit Choiseul, Paris.
– Publications in La Croix newspaper.
– Screening at Zoom photo Festival, Canada.
– Publication on France Inter website.

– Exhibition at Palais de la Porte Dorée, Paris.
– Exhibition at ETPA photography school, Toulouse.
– Publication portfolio Aparté web magazine
– Exhibition at Le Connexion, Toulouse.
– Selection by the jury for the France Horizon photography residency
– Exhibition at Le Connexion, Toulouse.
– Publication on Epic Stories magazine.
– Exhibition at EHPAD La tour, Narbonne.
– Exhibition at CHRS Pessac, France.
– Exhibition at CHRS Toulouse, France.